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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crazy How Time Flies!

Okay - no excuse for how long it's been since I last blogged - but time has escaped me!

The Dill Family has been busy!  Thanksgiving was wonderful, shared with family and friends.  David's parents and brother's family came the Tuesday before T-Day and we shared golf and fun together!  It was fun to has our niece, Emma, participate in the annual "stuffing of the Turkey".  

Watson and Conner have "been there, done that", but Emma wasn't 
sure she like putting apple inside the Turkey!

Evanne made some "Turkey" cupcakes (with a little help from her brother and cousins!)

Not all of us made the annual hike for the "Boulevard Bolt" this year, but Poppie, Chris, Evanne and David braved the unusually warm weather and early morning start. 

After fun times with the Dill-side of the family, we headed to Hendersonville with some fun with the Hall-side of the family!  What a feast!

Keightley house in Hendersonville - Yum!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  The good food and remembered blessings are so wonderful.  God has surely blessed us!  It's nice to have a day of thanksgiving with those you love the most.  I wish every holiday could be that way!  Seems like it almost gets squeezed out between Halloween and Christmas hoopla.  


We are almost there as far as the adoption goes!!!!!  We had our last Home Study visit by our case worker on Monday evening.  She needs to write "our story" and what she's observed (about 10-12 pages).  Once she is done with that, we are ready to turn in our dossier!  Yes - we have all of the paperwork done!  So, hopefully you will get an update from me next week saying that we mailed the dossier off!  Don't know if it can happen, but hope to be put on the official waiting list by the end of next week!  Whoo Hoo!  Thanks again for your love , prayers and support as we take this journey together!

My sweet friend, Betsy, went with me to get the last document County and State Certified!

To celebrate having our last bit of paperwork done, we took the kids on a mystery lunch to a local Ethiopian Restaurant.  We enjoyed the whole experience!  Watson was the only one not too wild about the food, although he did say the green beans and beef tips were pretty good.  The rest of us liked the green beans, beef stew and dora wet (chicken in red sauce).  The enjura (bread) is not our favorite, however.  None of us were wild about the mushed chickpeas either!  Evanne, David and I LOVED the traditional coffee, though.  Watson was definitely glad to see Jersey Mike's down the street!




It was a fun time and I'm sure we will make it a monthly eat-out!  Hope some of you will be brave enough to join us!

Slow down and take a deep breath.  God loves you!


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  1. Wow...looks like lots of fun.. Can't wait to hear you are on the wait list....Get on the list serve too :) kristi