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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Current numbers

Okay - I have a lot of catching up to do.  Here are our monthly numbers through April:

January:  #43 girls
               #34 boys
February:  #41 girls
                 #31 boys
March:  #36 girls
             #28 boys -- (whoot whoot in the twenties!)
April: #35 girls
          #26 boys

It's actually kind of fun to put the numbers together like this to see the progress.  SO wish we were further down on both lists, but at least movement is happening.  We are VERY excited to have broken through to the twenties on the boys list.  Now for the girls list!  The girls list is gaining on the boys, though.  When we started this process we were #98 on the girls list and #74 on the boys.  The gap has narrowed!  Maybe "J" is a little girl??? (Thought it was probably a boy since we got on the lists.)  Can't wait to be surprised with the sex of our new little one!

The following song is a true testament to why we are adopting.  When your heart has been broken by the love of Christ - how can you live life as usual?

Meredith Andrews




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  1. Hi Ashley -
    My name is Catherine Besk, and my family is 5 behind you on the AGCI boys' list and 4 behind you on the girls' list for a toddler. Just wanted to say Hi! Have you heard about the Facebook AGCI Ethiopia group? It's an incredible group, and as you are in the top 10 for a toddler boy, it is really exciting to be a part of. Just wanted to make sure you know that all of that support is there if you're interested =) Our blog is www.beskfamily.blogspot.com if you want to reply =)