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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We got the e-mail yesterday from AGCI with our official wait-list numbers.  We are currently #77 on the girls list and #56 on the boys list!  We are so excited to see the movement, especially after the March 8th deadline by the Ethiopian government concerning the proposed slow-down of international adoptions.  Even though there has been no official word/resolution from the Ethiopian or US government concerning the proposal, it is SO encouraging to have court dates and referrals still happening!

It seems like we've been waiting FOREVER, but it has really only been two and a half months.  We started at #98 on the girls and #74 on the boys, so in just two and a half months we have moved almost 20 spots on both lists.  That's pretty good!  It is always hard when you are in the "wait" mode, but God's timing is perfect and we will trust in Him to renew our strength.

As Easter is approaching, how thankful we are for the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for our sins!  Having traveled to Israel in March, and walking in the footsteps of Christ, our faith has been brought into a 3-dimensional understanding.   Everything has a different perspective to it now.  Knowing how Christ suffered for ME brings me to my knees.  Thank you, Lord Jesus!  May the realization of who you are and who you are becoming in Christ ring anew for you this Easter season.

In Him,


Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee

Our whole group overlooking Jerusalem - beautiful!  We were so blessed to have our family join us in the Holy Land! 
Back Row: John Keightley, Lynlea Keightley, Ashlyn Keightley, Briana Keightley, Janis MacMillan, Michelle Dill, David Dill, Chris Dill, Homer Hall
Front Row: Callie Keightley, Watson Dill, Evanne Dill, Connor Dill, Ashley Dill, Lea Ann Hall

Enjoying ourselves at the ruins of the city of Koriziam (sp?)

Baptized in the Jordan River

Mud bath at the Dead Sea

Brotherly love!

Sign inside the Garden Tomb and our reason for taking this journey - AMEN!

David receiving his call into ministry at the Garden tomb

All of our luggage coming back through Customs in Philadelphia.

May we NEVER forget!

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  1. It is VERY hard to wait, but it is great to see so much movement on those lists!