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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Official June Numbers

Well, it's June , and once again I have neglected to blog for several months.  We got our official June numbers yesterday and we are #71 on the girls list and #52 on the boys list.  That is movement from April, but those are the same numbers we received in May.  So - we are a little discouraged, to say the least.  We are excited that in the four months we have officially been on the wait list that our numbers for both boy and girl have moved over twenty places.  We are frustrated, though, that there isn't more movement!  We have been approved by the US government to adopt and there are hundreds of thousands of orphans in Ethiopia alone who need a forever family.  Why, oh why, does it take so long to connect the two???  The daunting task of securing the orphan's paperwork and legitimacy seems to be the main cause.   All we can do is rest in the arms of the One who brought us to this point and has sent us on this journey in the first place.  HE has a plan, and HE knows when.  Patience, patience, patience.  The fruit of the spirit that most eludes me!  Please continue to pray for our sweet "J".  He or she is so loved already.  Pray that they know that!  Pray that God has already called their precious heart to Him.  Pray for patience through this process.  Pray that His will be done.  He is the Author and Creator. He is the Provider.  He is the reason.  Thanks be to God!

To Him be the glory!


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