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Monday, August 22, 2011

Where are my eyes focused?

Got our August official numbers.  We are currently 60 on the girls list and 42 on the boys list.  Although not a lot of movement, it is great that we moved!  We started at 98 on the girls list, so have moved 38 spots since late January.  We started at 74 on the boys list, so have moved 32 spaces in 7 months.  If it takes that long to move that many spaces, we should have a child in the next 9-18 months.  Wow - hadn't done the math until now.  Kind of depressing.  We really hoped to have little "J" in our arms by the first of the year.  AGCI told us it would be about 12-18 months, so we are on the right trajectory for that time-frame.  UGH!  Truth be told, we are on God's time-frame, so that's what I need to focus on!  Keep my eyes on Jesus!  Oh, Lord, help me to do that please!!!



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