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Thursday, November 3, 2011

September numbers and such...

Ok - I know it's November 3rd!  Yes - we got our September numbers toward the end of September.  We were #52 on girls list and #39 on boys.  It was exciting to be in the thirties on the boys list!  Progress is still SO slow, though...

We were at an event in late August for Kids Across America (KAA).  KAA is a ministry that serves urban and inner-city kids by giving them a summer camp experience in Branson, MO.  It is a wonderful organization that we are proud to be a part of.  The fund-raiser was held at Michael W. Smith's farm in Franklin, TN.  It was a fun evening in "the barn" with wonderful entertainment!  The highlight of the evening for us was getting to hear Brandon Heath live - and meeting him afterward!  He is a a down-to-earth, kind young man.  He was excited to hear that his song "Give Me Your Eyes" (which he sang for us that night) plays right hear on our blog!  I took pictures with my phone, so, with no flash, the quality is pretty bad :-(  You can tell it's him, though.  Thanks, Brandon, for having a heart set on spreading the Good News of Jesus and for calling us to account through your music!

Evanne and Brandon

Brandon singing "Give Me Your Eyes"

Ed Cash and Mariah Peters 
(She's gonna be BIG - watch for her)

So blessed to have our family with us that night!
Callie, Briana, Brandon, and Ashlyn

Picture quality not so good - but the evening was fabulous!  To find out more about this wonderful ministry, log onto kidsacrossamerica.org.


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