Dill Family Adoption

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Beginning...

Well, I'm still trying to figure things out, so understand this is a work in progress!  I sit and READ, punch buttons, READ some more, delete, READ it again, and still cannot seem to put script and pictures where I want them!  Good thing that I have a fourteen-year-old who not only thinks she knows it all, but actually does know it all!  She sat down and created this awesome blog in about an hour.  Her last comment to me was, "If you need anything Mom, just call me."  I think she's afraid I'll mess up all of her hard work!!!

It's hard to believe that I am sitting at the computer entering my first blog about our adoption process!  Our journey to J actually began in April 2007.  As a family, we traveled with Kids Across America (KAA) to Rwanda.  What an amazing experience!  God put a soft spot in our hearts for the beautiful people of Africa.  He put an extra soft spot in Evanne's heart for the orphans.  She began talking to us about adoption for our family.  It did not take long for her to get her brother on board with the idea.  The two of them together were quite persuasive!  Still, David and I were very much stiff-arming the idea.  Adoption had never been on our radar screen!

Well, as the story goes, it may not have been on our radar screen, but it was on God's!  He used Evanne and Watson over the years to melt our hearts.  What do you say when your child says, "If you can give a child who doesn't have a home a home, and you can love them and show them the love of Jesus, why wouldn't you do that?" Not much!  Soon it became clear to me that I needed to live the life I proclaimed to live.

I'm not a really adventurous soul, so God has to continually poke and prod me.  In January 2010, He really started laying it on!   Several things were introduced to my life in a sequence of events.  I was in a book club at my church and read the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan.  Talk about hitting me between the eyes with a 2x4!  (Being "luke warm and spit out" by God is not something I desire!)  Then He put in our path the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia on a Medical Mission trip in April.  Again, David and I closed the idea because it was not spring break for our kids.  But, as everyone knows, you cannot stop God!  He once again used Evanne.  She was relentless about going, so, you guessed it, she and I went.  What an amazing experience!  Brandon Heath's song kept playing in my mind while there: "Give Me Your Eyes".  Again, God's power working in my life.  Through much prayer and soul searching and rustling with God, I finally woke up to realize that God is in control - so I need to start trusting His leading!  Again, how slow can I be??

I came back from Ethiopia with God's resolve and peace in my heart.  God had three of us on board, now He had to work on David.  Not an easy task.  David is a black and white guy.  It is difficult for both of us to upset the apple cart, so to speak.  God has blessed us in amazing ways!  We have a comfortable life with two beautiful, healthy children.  He has blessed us with wonderful extended family and great opportunities!  So...why adopt?  That's crazy talk!

God spoke and finally got through.  He said, "Why not?  Your excuses limit my power in your life."  He laid on my heart His word in Luke 6, verse 46, "Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord', and do not do what I say?" Again, he used a book to speak deep into my soul: "Hole in our Gospel" by Richard Sterns.  Please read this book.  It will change your life!

As they say, the rest is history!  David announced to the family in late July that he was willing to start finding out more information.  His prayer was that God would make the process so easy and smooth that we could not deny that it is His will.  So far, as usual, He's been faithful in answering that prayer!  Not that we expected anything less from Almighty God!  To Him be the Glory forever and ever! AMEN!

So, that is how I came to start this blog.  I hope our journey will encourage and inspire each of you in the calling God has placed in your life.  Be all in!



  1. Ashley - how wonderful :) I loved reading your story. We are following closely and praying for you! LADR

  2. My dear, sweet friend, you may be technically challenged, but you have some wonderful talents that will be shared sometime soon with a child that God selects. Thanks for sharing this expereience with us and we are looking forward to adding one more in our travels!
    I love you! Dianna
    (and the rest of the Cantler Clan)

  3. Well obviously I'm technically challenged as well because I posted a comment last night and it's not here tonight... :)I'm still in awe that I'm reading a blog(which Evanne did a great job!)about the Dill family adopting, but when God's in charge...you'll do anything!! May all glory be given to Him. We are so excited for you-words can't express!!-wish we were doing the same thing...we shall see. You know we are some prayer warriors for this adoption!! We love you all, the Bresnahans

  4. Incredible! This is truly awesome. God speed to Eternity! How many blessings are in this and will come from this. Truly amazing. Thank you for sharing this joy with all of us. We are with you 100% - John, Lynlea, Briana, Ashlyn, & Callie!